first meeting for Community of Practice 8 Meet and Greet

Coordination of the CoP

  • Structure of Steering Committee
  • Terms of Service of steering committee members
  • Call for nominations from CoP partners to join Steering Committee

Steering Committee (SC): composed by 5 endorsed Ocean Decade actions. Currently formed by 3 Ocean Decade Actions Ocean City, GEM and Mega Delta. A call for Nomination is now open to receive a brief description of the endorsed action and an expression of interest to be part of the SC. The 2 Actions will be selected to be part of the SC the beginning of the 2022. The current SC will nominate the 16thof December the endorsed actions in an internal meeting. The OC-Net programme at now is the chair of the SC this a rotatory role for 1 year the first nomination has been done November 2021 and will end on November 2022.


To be part of the SC an organization must be: 1. Subscribe at the COP8, 2. Send an Expression of Interest and a brief description of the action before 15th December 2022 at the email of Grace Chau


The Chair will coordinate at least 2 COP, open meeting with endorsed action about specific topics. As well as 4 SC meetings for year about organization and priorities. The SC will foster external events can be coordinated to share best practices and experiences in coastal management and resilience. 


The first. Tasks of the SC will be the definition of internal channels of communications and tools such as social networks, intranet, documents and protocols for governance as well as the priorities and milestones of the COP8.


Discussion of CoP Priorities

  • Expectations of participants for this CoP
  • Key topics and challenges to target and address for this CoP

Several keywords have been identified by mean of an open poll than could be grouped as follow: 


Engagement and Community: engagement to develop fit-for purpose science, Community engagement, proximity, support synergy, stakeholder engagement

Culture, Awareness and Territory: Cultural heritage, perception and interaction with coastal ocean, archeology, dissemination, history

Ocean, Ecosystems and Resilience: Ecosystem health, Ecosystem functioning, coastal ocean, climate change, estuaries, key habitats, wetland conservation link nature and resilience, land-sea connectivity, resilience, knowledge of coastal ocean, human and coastal health, clean ocean

Socioeconomic and Governance: Sustainable blue growth, usage of new science-based information products for the coasts, socioeconomics, circular and sustainable, marine spatial planning, social and build environment, best practices in coastal area, capacity building


The most voted key word has been CAPACITY BUILDING although during the discussion more holistic and interconnected areas. 


During the discussion three areas have been identified to cluster the area of work of the COP 8:

1. Human interaction and connectivity

2. Coastal area fragmentation by the socio-economical, environmental point of view as well as in term of knowledges and best practices. 

3. Engagement of society


Expectations for discussion: best practices and experiences exchange, networking, collaboration in research issues, analysis of the funding opportunities.


The community decide as final name of the COP8: Coastal Ecosystems and Communities Resilience. As short name Resilient Coastal Communities

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